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As we all know, there are number of CMS is available in market nowadays, but when list comes to Joomla, people has to change their mindset as Joomla is not just open source cms system but i would like to call it a TOPIC which always stays in the center of attraction coz every day new possibilities with infinite ways arise in the SEA of Joomla which seems like will never end.

Today I am going to share here about new possibilities using Joomla Templating.

Most of developer thinks Template integration is easy things to do compare to extension development and other coding stuff. But being a website developer, for any website, Template integration is most important phase.

I always prefer a standard Template framework for Template integration instead of starting everything from scratch for fast and better output.

As there are several template frameworks(Like JAT3 of Joomla Art, Gantry of RocketTheme, yootheme’s Warp, zend grid of Gavick and so on…) available in market, it’s become hard to make decision that which one to select and which one to reject because it can impact heavily on performance of your site and after some time in maintenance work too. But I am looking ahead with JA T3 Framework.

What is JA T3 Framework?

As far as my concern, JA T3 Framework is enormously powerful and most convenient next generation Robust Templating system developed by Joomla Art for Joomla 1.5 and above.

Why JA T3 Framework?

This is very common question always arise first in our mind that why we use this framework if we had already done implemented several templates even without this JAT3 ?  I would just like to ask that Do you have time? Don’t you want to build Faster websites in Joomla ? you may be thinking why I am asking questions instead of reply to your question. But my answer resides in this question. I just wanted to say that better framework always makes your work faster and faster and you do not need to waste your time on doing the same things again and again. And JA T3 Framework is exactly as I said above. You can see other advantages of JAT3 Framework listed below.

    Key benefits of JAT3 Framework:

  • It comes at no cost, it’s freely available under GPL license

  • Flexibility level beyond your expectation and imagination.

  • Very well explained documentation along with video series at joomla art’s wiki.

  • Better Gzip solution and CSS/JS compression along with Template Cache which makes it extreme powerful and Robust.

  • It comes with mobile layout in Iphone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry.

  • T3 introduce Profiles management for users which gives freedom to create control panel options for your end users as you want.

  • Multiple themes and layouts management

  • Fully fledged in built Menu system like Mega Menu, Split Menu, Moo Menu, CSS Menu along with other advance override options settings.

  • Right To Left Language Support

  • 100% div base XHTML structured design

Live Demo Link : Click here to See Demo

Download Link : JA T3 Framework is free and you can download it here for Joomla! 1.5 and here for Joomla! 1.7.