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According to a recent survey it has proved that Yii framework is one of the top PHP frameworks of the year 2012. Others PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Symfony, Prado, CakePHP and eZ components are also well known and good to use. In pronunciation we can call as ‘wee’. This is a PHP based framework basically used for designing web applications. There are many reasons that have made this software well known and popular among developers. With the help of this software you can design creative all purpose web applications. In use it is quite easy and its frames are very much user friendly.

For rapid development this software is quite helpful. Technically its binding is very much strong which make it preferable for all Yii developers. The process of lazy loading which means any class or object can be called only when it is required. The features of this technology has made Yii framework work faster as compare to others and light weighted as well. The current version of PHP has much fruitful functionality like cake PHP or others like Codeigniter but out of many Yii framework development it is best PHP 5 versions. The catching power of this software is excellent which make it utility of speedy uploading and less time consuming for loading process. The very latest version of Yii framework was recently launched in the year 2011. This version has many updated and new features for better funtionality.

The fabulous features like DAO, Caching, testing, MVC, authentication all are compatible with Ajax seamlessly. From all aspects Yii framework is good. Today in the times of password and software hacking in this era Yii framework developments offer all security majors and very effective against any type of hacking processes. The wonderful security measures like output filtering, SQL injection, prevention from any type of scripting particularly from cross-site scripting etc are some of its best functions.

The logical and presentation view are totally separated under this software. Its users can be of any type but the major thing is if you are more interested on website development and spend your lots of time for developing new pages of web then you must go with Yii frameworks. If PHP is a CLI version then you can consider it as a front end tool and later you can compare it with GUI. Yii developers are increasing day by day as because this platform is giving them wide and amazing alternatives. With the help of Yii framework development a developer can easily give a highly sophisticated and more interactive web designs. In among its competitors this software is best to develop any type of web application. To further enhance the utility or of your website you must use this software as it has all which you require to develop anything up to the mark. There are several different companies that are working with Yii website development framework. You must contact them for developing a good website for getting more popularity.

This object oriented based software is quite useful for all types of website development. The earlier PRADO framework was efficient but customization process was quite difficult with that.  To fix all the drawbacks of PRADO, in the year 2008 for the very first time Yii alpha version was launched and after 2month the original Yii 1.0 was released.

    Some popular features of Yii frameworks:

  • It is based on design pattern of MVC (model view controller).

  • Yii framework is fully integrated with jQuery.

  • You can easily put validation on your forms.

  • PHP unit and Selenium are both used for its testing process and for the right judging of functionality.

  • Error handling is a big problem for any software and this is working effectively here. It’s both function error handling and logging are best.

  • For third party coding is framework is highly effective, one should definitely try this one as it is compatible with PEAR and Zend framework.

  • Security measures are active and XSS and CSRF preventions are attached with it.

  • Proper management of web services related problems are presented here.

  • Cookie tempering problem handling measurements are active and working effectively with this framework.