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IT Companies are always in the race of having the best team of Software Developers in the industry to run the business smoothly with less hassle. Most companies have a dedicated HR department that looks after the hiring process through collaboration with management, on the other hand, some companies rely on freelancers or recruitment agencies.

No matter which hiring method you choose, if you are aware of some pros and cons of these methods and mistakes that mostly all employers make than you will definitely not regret after hiring a Developer.

Before we move to the topic, will give you some background information about Developers so that you know at the very first meeting; if the candidate has what it takes to be a Pro Developer.

A Web Developer is someone who frames the core of any Website from the scratch. They are well aware of languages specific to the web. CSS, JQuery, Javascript, and HTML are the tools that they have at their fingertips. They are able to create a website with clean codes that are technically outstanding.

Remember that the best developer is always Detail oriented.

Now getting back to the main topic;

1) Not doing proper research

It is advisable for any employer to do proper homework before facing a developer to hire. Most of the businesses make these common mistakes of choosing someone before thorough research.

Companies generally make their decision based on cost effectivity. If they found someone who is convinced to work for them for a very low pay scale then they will not bother to look further into the candidate’s portfolio. Cost does play important role in hiring however, there are some other factors like expertise, reviews and portfolio check should not be overlooked.

2) Not Interviewing/testing developers

When you hire a developer, make sure that you take their interviews yourself. If you do not have proper knowledge of the niche than you can certainly get individual from your current team to assist you in the interview process who is an expert in Web developing.

Doing this will be helpful for both parties. As you will be able to tell the candidate about your requirements and they will be able to share their ideas based on the questions that you ask in an interview. This will bring transparency to the process.

You should also make sure that you have the proper infrastructure to test their skills. Apart from an interview, you can arrange a coding test (coding assignment interview) in a separate computer lab.

Many companies choose recruitment agencies to hire developers for them. In that case, they might not be able to know their candidate the same way as in the process I mentioned above.

3) Overlooking credentials

This could be a very crucial factor in the hiring process. Take an example of real life where we do not trust someone unless we are aware of their past. Same applies to hire developers, we should check their credentials. Check what sort of projects they have worked on. Check any websites or application they have developed. This will help you to figure out if the candidate is suitable for your projects or not.

4) Having an opinion that Local developers are the best choice

Some companies hire only locals without bothering to think outside of the box. The main motive of any Web development company is to have a robust website or application. If someone sitting a thousand miles away from you can get this done for you then I believe an employer should not stick to hire local policy. To make the long story short, you should keep all the options open when it comes to hiring a developer.

5) Hiring someone without experience

This issue is somewhere related to cost-effectiveness, I believe. Some companies hire candidates without experience merely because they will have to pay less in comparison to someone who has experience. This may look good for a short term as you are saving money, however at the long run this might be a big headache if a candidate is not meeting deadlines, you have to explain the small things again and again that you are working on and many more these types of issue.

If you hire someone with experience then half of your stress will be gone as experienced developers will know how to get things done on time and will be able to manage small issues on their own.

6) Giving burden to a single developer

This is also the aspect that employers should consider while hiring. As you are already aware of what sort of projects you are running and how much human power you will need to get the best outcome. You should hire accordingly.

If you force a single developer to work for long hours on various projects then obviously you will not get the best out of it. You should rather hire a team of developers and share the workload among them. This way they will be able to give their best and will work happily in your company for a longer period of time.

7) Budget vs Skilled developer

As I already mentioned previously, money is playing important role in the hiring process. The more money you spend the better chances of the desired results you will have.

Many companies hire amateurs to save on the budget, while some offer a healthy amount of money to a skilled candidate and get way ahead of others in terms of business growth.

8) Jumping to the Conclusion quickly

Most of the time companies arrange interviews and many candidates turn up for an interview, however, most of the time they select first or the second candidate that they interviewed and found suitable for the position.

This may save your time from going through a long hiring process, but the risk involved in this method is that wrong candidate cracks the interview and right one may never get that call back from HR.

Ultimately you will end up hiring someone who does not have a thorough knowledge of the industry and you may fire him and start the hiring process all over again. Thus firing and hiring will become a never-ending process

9) Expecting fast outcome from Developers

Many developers say that they will be able to complete your projects in no time, this is the time when an employer should know that there is something to be aware of. As developing website or app is a complex process and it is time-consuming. Many parties need to work together to get things done and it is not only developers hard work. So rather than falling into that trap, look for someone who is more reliable and don’t expect to get things done quickly.

10) Hiring someone who has no previous experience in niche

If you are running a business on traveling and most of your work is around traveling then I believe you should give preference to a candidate who has previously worked and developed apps/websites for traveling. If the developer has no knowledge about your niche than they will find it hard to justify your client and user experience of the app or website that they will develop.

These were the top 10 mistakes made by employers in hiring the best developer for their projects. If you can avoid these mistakes you will have a better web development team.

We at Amar infotech have more than 10 years of expertise in web development, having the best workforce and faced many issues in past in the hiring process, however, learnt from that and emerged as one of the best award-winning mobile app development company and IoT App development company in the USA & a top UX UI design studio.