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Choosing the best programming language for web development can be difficult. If you are searching for such a language then Python is holding the top spot among the best programming languages to learn for web development. In this blog post, we will focus on Python application on the web.

Firstly Python is a high-level programming script language considered as simple, reliable and has powerful libraries and 3rd party packages. Python offers many frameworks as, Flask, CherryPy, Pyramid, Django, and web2py. These Frameworks have been used to develop some of the world-known sites as Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Uber, Lyft, Mozilla, etc.

Secondbination of Python and Javascript while only 39% of developers involved in Machine Learning and Data Analysis Python is considered one of the simplest and effective languages. Python can be a great option to develop server-side web applications. According to, 79% of Python web developers write their web applications using a com.

Furthermore many of today’s well-known technology companies considered Python development services to develop the backend of their website. Let’s look into deep for most stunning latest tech Python web applications created using Python language as of now,

Python for Entertainment Industry

Netflix is an internet media service provider with more than 148 million paid subscriptions worldwide including 60 million in the United States. The streaming giant revealed using Web development in Python for everything from Analysis, Operations management, networking, and security. Netflix’s Machine learning team uses Python for a wide variety of tasks such as recommendation algorithms, Marketing algorithms, and artwork personalization.

Youtube extensively uses the Python programming language for different purposes. The Python language powers Youtube and the features we use such as view video, admin video, control template for the website, access to canonical data, and many more. “Python is fast enough for our site and allows us to produce maintainable features in record times, with a minimum of developers,” said Cuong Do, Software Architect,

Python for Social Media Websites

Instagram is the world’s biggest online photo and video sharing social networking platform using Python web app development. Instagram currently features the world’s largest user for Django development. According to the Instagram team, they choose Python because of a reputation for simplicity and practicality. Since 2016 Instagram engineering team are running Python as their primary language for web backend development and updated Python 2.7 to 3 in the year 2017 entirely.

Facebook launch python for many of the internal tools and some glue code. A Facebook frontend written in PHP and backend services are in C, C++, and JAVA. Python considered as the third preferred language at Facebook connected with image processing tools. According to a report, 21 percent of the backend codebase written in Python programming language at facebook.

Python for E-commerce Websites

Instacart considered a retail giant and having most of the users based in the USA and Canada founded in 2012. It is becoming one of the best platforms to order groceries and get delivery within one hour. Instacart app backend service entirely developed in Python. Python Django Framework has been considered as one of the best tools to develop an E-commerce website like Instacart.

Python for Travel Websites

Uber completes over 15 million trips daily and is known as the world’s best travel network company. Uber’s tech stack primarily written in Python language for surge pricing, ETA’s, Predictions and analysis, Node.js for their real-time systems, Go and Java.

Lyft is a ridesharing company operating over 640 cities in the USA and Canada. One of the quotes says about the usage of Python at Lyft from one of the engineers as “Lyft is a big fan of Python. It’s quite common for services to utilize NumPy, Pandas, and PuLP to serve requests via Flask, Gevent, and Gunicorn. We use SciPy to fight fraud, we use Salt to provision hosts.”

Python for Healthcare Websites

AiCure is a healthcare startup company uses AI and Data Analytics for patients. AiCure highly constructs its website backend using Python. AiCure provides services such as accurate confirmation of medication ingestion, behavior modification, predictive insights, and many more using web development through Python.

Drchorno is a successful healthcare startup agency to provide software as a service patient care platform. Using python extensively Drchorno provides services through Web and cloud to maintain patient health records.

Roam Analytics is a Machine Learning platform focusing on human health. With the help of Web development through python, Roam Analytics is developing natural language processing infrastructure for modern healthcare systems.

Final Words

Python used for web development by various industries as their preference, However, Python as language is highly readable, clean visual layout, high performance and will be continuously providing free and open source services.

As Python development company, we are welcoming you to develop your web app-based on business requirements.