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Django is a high-level Python framework, Django web framework is preferred by most of the python developers worldwide for building simple websites to complex corporate web applications because of its simplicity and precision. Enterprises believe this robust framework to develop independent web applications as well as to build up their cross-platform solutions with back-ends.

Furthermore, Django builds apps quickly and requires minimum coding. Though the entire web application process becomes secure and scalable, the framework produces the best only if used by expert programmers who are proficient with it.

Here Amar Infotech has a dedicated team of programmers specialized in Django and Python Development for the reason that we use the Django Best UI framework as our foremost element for python web development. With our vast industry experience, we have built diverse web projects using Django Technology.

Our specialized django python development team will help you with delivering solutions that meet your cutting-edge requirements. From lightening risks involved in developing functional solutions to actually defining the output, our team looks into all aspects involved in Django development. In this article, you will learn why Django is the best choice for python web development projects in 2020?

  • Core Backend Specialist:

    We have been developing a Django application for back-end systems and APIs. It is always good to work with something that focuses on the relevant technology you need. Our core backend programmers team actively participates in the open-source projects and the Django community certainly improves their Django programming skills.
  • Django web framework expertise:

    We specialize in the Django web framework and worked on our own Django Rest API for more than 500 hours. Our team has critical expertise in the Django REST framework, Django Models, Django AJAX, and Django jQuery. Most of the projects we did develop using the Django REST framework.
  • High-Quality Django Team:

    We have a team of top Django developers and programmers are based in Ahmedabad and work for our HQ office. Our development team will only include senior-level and mid-level engineers and one can see our programmers profiles after initial contact is done. We don’t hire 3rd party freelancers and contractors.
  • Full Range Of Services:

    We are ready to create your entire development perspectives of your team with a dedicated Project Manager and UI/UX designers. We offer a comprehensive range of relevant Django web app development services for end-to-end python web development. We care about the quality of your product hence we provide a full range of Quality assurance(QA) services at your disposal, as well as support maintenance assistance.

Django versions release process

Django versions

Django plans to release a new version every 2 years. Django’s Features releases happen roughly every eight months with lots of new features and improvements to existing new features. Django’s Patch release issues as needed to fix bugs and security issues. Long term support(LTS) releases will get security and data loss fixes applied for typically three years.(Source)

What is the difference between Python and Django?

Django is basically a full-stack web framework built on top of Python. Django is mostly used in web-based backend applications and APIs. In simpler words Django is a framework that uses python programming language which includes management of Databases; Views application logic behind the application is implemented.

Python is an interactive, interpreted, object-oriented, and high-level programming language which operates on the compiler level. Python consists of its own Syntax, data types and own rules of Object-oriented programming. Core Python is used in building Desktop based applications, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, etc.

Why Django is good web framework choice for 2020?

top Django features
  • Phenomenal Speed:

    Django web framework by the python programming language assists Django developers to finish the project initially beginning from requirement to deployment with exceptional speed. Thus, without compromising on project quality the applications can be delivered within minimum time.
  • Stable and proven:

    Django is an exceptionally stable and reliable web framework. Well known organizations like Instagram, Disqus, Pinterest, and Mozilla have been using the Django framework for many years.
  • Python Based:

    Python is a robust high-level general-purpose programming language. Its syntax supports simplicity and readability. Python’s easy-to-understand and transparent code make the programming process faster so our clients save a lot of time and money by choosing this platform.
  • Phenomenal Speed:

    Django web framework by the python programming language assists Django developers to finish the project initially beginning from requirement to deployment with exceptional speed. Thus, without compromising on project quality the applications can be delivered within minimum time.
  • The Python open-source community provides a large number of libraries for a variety of different tasks which further speed up the development process. Python is one of the best programming languages in the world, meaning Django projects developed by Amar Infotech can be simply proceeded and supported by other programming teams or engineers.
  • Rich in Features:

    Django Web Framework is made up of various add-ons that can be used to develop large structural features to a mobile/web application. Python is easiest to learn a programming language to build a highly featured solution and thus is preferred.
  • Extremely Scalable:

    The organizations grow with time and so need the framework for their application and website which is highly robust and scalable. Using this web framework, extremely scalable outputs can be delivered which can justify future business demands.
  • Highly Secure:

    Firstly, Django has been customized as high security in mind due to its comprehensive list of security features. Secondly, the websites and apps built using Django include content site scripting protection(CSS), SQL injection protection, cross-site request forging protection, session security, and many more. For the reason that Django created websites and apps are guaranteed to be secure.
  • Open Source:

    Django is a completely free and open-source web framework, and Amar Infotech highly motivates the open-source community. Django supports lots of open-source libraries which have ready to develop elements and long-term support for major releases. We have open-sourced a lot of projects to make life easier for the Django web development community.

Django REST framework for building Web APIS

Django REST framework is a powerful and flexible toolkit for building Web APIs” (source). We make use of Django Rest Framework to integrate a REST API into Django We will utilize the Django REST Framework application to easily merge a REST API into existing Django!

Some reasons you might want to consider REST framework for your project:

  • Developers love to use the REST framework as It is a Web-browsable API.
  • Official Django REST Framework Tutorial is easily available on GitHub ( Alt / Title Tag: The Django REST framework tutorial available in GitHub )
  • Django’s REST framework provides a lot of Authentication policies and allows developers to add custom schemes.
  • The serialization converts complex model instances to native python data types. It supports both non-ORM and ORM data sources.
  • REST framework is editable all the way down. If the client does not want more powerful features then developers can use regular function-based views.
  • Community support in Python Django is huge and the developer can use extensive documentation.
  • REST framework used by the trusted organization including Red hat, Mozilla, Eventbrite, and Heroku.

What are the advantages of using Django for web development?

There is so much has been said about the advantage of python development, here we will only focus on of advantages of Django framework 2020, Django is one of the best frameworks which acts as a quick, transparent solution for python web development with Django,

  • The Django UI framework has a simple and extensive syntax.
  • Django is an open-source framework and it helps Python developers to reduce overall development efforts and cost.
  • According to different business requirements, developers can use a battery-included approach to program web applications.
  • Django framework has a simple MVC model and class creation techniques allow programmers to aim at the UI.
  • Django’s template language has unique features like developers do not need to change the UI without any programming changes.
  • Developers can code faster with the use of the Django UI framework as it provides high-level concepts using web development patterns.
  • Using Django web framework developers can develop a Geographic information system(GIS) applications.
  • Django is supported by a huge and active community of developers. Community members try to simplify the web application development process by updating new plug-ins and resources daily.

Is Django a full stack web development framework?

Django project comes with Template Language with logic such as loops and filters. Most of the Django developers control the logic of the website and database but still rely on front end developers who customize the Django template according to the client’s requirements using the Javascript framework. So to some extent, Django developers we can not say are “Full stack” developers.

Best Django Web Hosting Provider Companies 2020

If you are well known with the Django UI framework, you will know it is difficult to find hosting providers companies who support the Django framework. Not all python web hosting providers support the Django framework.

Django framework has a unique file structure and different syntax and flow. It’s essential to let know python web host companies support Django or not.

Here is the list of top 5 large scale hosting service provider companies are definitely worth considering,

Who uses Django?

Testing API

Many of today’s top Django websites are well-known technology giants considered Django web application development services to develop the backend of their website. Django provides services for various industries such as Media, Travel, Social Networking, E-commerce, Healthcare Music, E-learning, Education, Job portals and Real Estate. Here is the topnotch list of tech giants uses Django python framework for their back end services,

  • Netflix

    is a streaming giant using Django to develop the backend of their website and use several recommendation algorithms to develop the website.
  • Youtube

    is using the Django framework for different purposes to create a quality web application.
  • Instagram

    is a social networking platform that is the biggest user for the Django web framework. The Instagram team likes to use Django for its simplicity and practicality.
  • Facebook

    uses the Django python framework for many of the backend’s internal tools. According to a report, 21% of the backend codebase is written in Python programming language at Facebook.
  • Instacart

    is a retail giant majorly uses Python to develop backend services and the Django framework is a good choice for E-commerce website development.
  • Uber

    is one of the best travel network companies developed using Django framework and it supports surge pricing, predictions, and analysis.
  • AiCure

    is a healthcare startup company dedicatedly develops its website backend using Django.
  • Roam Analytics

    is a platform focusing on human health using machine learning with the help of Web development through Django.

Look for the reason why Python is among the best programming languages for Web Development….

Custom Django web Development with Python Services We Offer

  • Django Web Application Development:

    Amar Infotech has an extremely talented development team that builds cost-effective, highly scalable web portals and web applications using Django 1 or Django 2. Our solution helps clients to improve productivity and streamline their processes.
  • Django Website Development:

    We develop highly robust and scalable business websites with the open-source Django framework.
  • Django Mobile App Development:

    According to the client’s inputs, we are delivering interactive and highly-featured mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms using Django.
  • Django Template Development:

    Being a core Django web development company, Amar Infotech generates HTML dynamically supporting Django templates for business application, web, and mobile projects.
  • Django Web services & API Development:

    As a leading Django development company, we generate well-documented, stable, and secure web services and APIs to boost up Web apps and mobile apps.
  • Django eCommerce website/app development:

    We provide enhanced shopping experiences by developing advanced e-commerce and m-commerce websites or apps.
  • Django Migration:

    We can organize hassle-free and reliable migration of your web/mobile app via converting any technology to Django.
  • Django Independent Testing:

    Our professional testing process is highly recommended by our clients to others which includes automated testing and security testing for Django-powered applications.
  • Django Support and Maintenance:

    Our experienced Django development team can handle any aspect of your Django projects dependable maintenance and support services.

The Process That We Follow For Django Development Services

Django Development Services

At Amar Infotech, one of the top-notch Django application development Companies in India and the USA, We follow an agile-based, well-planned process to make sure the finest quality, complete transparency, on-time delivery, and post-delivery technical support. We have achieved the trust of our clients worldwide using our self-contrived Django web development methodology.

The technology we use for Our Django web Development Services

Django Development Services Technology

We have a team of Django developers who makes use of the right tools and technologies to bring your ideas to reality. We have more than 5 years of experience in Django web development which helps us to hold a good grip over new technologies. Contact us now to hire Django developers to convert your unique idea into a successful project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Django web framework is so popular?

    Django web framework has been continuously gaining popularity for its clean design, pragmatic and rapid development approach. The best part is the Django allows you to model your code classes and domain.

  • Is Django still relevant in 2020?

    Yes, it is. Many big enterprises including Mozilla, Instagram, Disqus, and Pinterest are the best example: they highly contribute to the Django community and invest in its development. There are lots of reasons Django is still relevant, Django python has been growing in popularity. Developers choose Django for building modern apps that have a mature ecosystem with the latest features.

  • Is Django scalable?

    Django is extremely scalable which uses a shared architecture. Applications made using the Django framework are horizontally scalable and are able to support millions of requests.

  • Is Django frontend or backend?

    Django is not a completely full-stack web framework, Django is suitable for both frontend and backend, It has its ORM but incase of frontend framework or a mobile SDK, Django developers depends on frontend developers as they can change frontend as per client requirement.

  • Is Django a backend framework?

    Not at all, Django is a framework, not a language. Python is the language in which Django is written. Django is suitable for both backend and frontend.

  • Do you need Javascript with Django?

    Yes, Django is a web development framework, so you need to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as they are fundamental building blocks of web development.

  • Is Django faster than Laravel?

    Django has a lot of built-in tools like SEO tools, decorators and third-party libraries so it is a little bit faster as it uses the programming language, whereas Laravel uses PHP which is a little bit slower.

  • Is Django the best web framework in Python?

    Django is a free and open-source web framework, best for creating database-driven websites, which makes Django one of the best web frameworks in Python.

  • What is Django used for?

    Django is a full-stack web development framework used to develop full-fledged python based websites.

  • Why Django is a popular choice for developers?

    Django is a dynamic framework to work with which offers a variety of tools and features. Developers love to code with high-quality code writing, transparency, fast front end development, stability; which attracts developers worldwide.

  • Is Django easier than PHP?

    Django is more versatile than the PHP language. Django is easier to understand and more readable than PHP.